The Ketchup Mechanism and Other Ideas (PRE-ORDER)

The Ketchup Mechanism and Other Ideas (PRE-ORDER)

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Note: this is a pre-order for the 3rd print of The Ketchup Mechanism and Other Ideas. Release is planned for the second quarter of 2024.

If you order this expansion along with other games, the order will not be shipped until every item is available. During the pre-order period we offer lower shipping prices for selected countries in North-America, Asia and Oceania for orders only containing Ketchup and the base game.

The Ketchup Mechanism & Other Ideas is an expansion to our game Food Chain Magnate. It cannot be played stand-alone!

The game was first released during the SPIEL 2019 fair. A second print run was released in 2020.

The expansion consists of seventeen modules which each add something new and different to the game. They can be played individually or in combination with one or more other modules. Some suggestions for combinations can be found in the rulebook.


A selection of what is included:

- materials to play with 6 players and large food and drink tokens to represent 5 of the respective type
- a new set of milestones that completely changes strategic options
- lobbyists that allow you to build roads and parks
- coffee and baristas: places where people stop for a cup of coffee on the way while getting food
- new districts (new tiles and tile types)
- new food types (kimchi, sushi and noodles) that attract customers in different ways
- new employee cards and available promotions
- ketchup

Here is the flavour text:

"Chef! Some of our guests are asking for ketchup. Do we have any?" "We don't serve ketchup in this company." "Also they are asking if the restaurant will expand anytime soon? There's a restaurant in the new quarter and with all the roadworks lately it is getting a lot of traffic." "Can't you see I am working on my new masterpiece? How can I concentrate like this? I need that Michelin star! And this new sushi dish is just the thing. Or maybe if I combine kimchi with icecream..." "But chef. Your guests are not asking for fancy stuff; they want ketchup and coffee. And better decorations. And a new menu." "Get out of my kitchen. Now!"


More information can be found on this game's BoardGameGeek entry.