Horseless Carriage 2nd edition rule book

Horseless Carriage 2nd edition rule book

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Note: this rulebook is included in the 2nd edition of Horseless Carriage; you do not need to buy it separately if you are already buying the 2nd edition from our web shop.

In April 2024 we released the 2nd edition of Horseless Carriage. In this new edition we made some clarifications in the rule book. There are no updates to the way the game is played. We ordered some extra rule books for owners of the first edition who really want to have the updated booklet.

The rule book will be shipped in a paper and cardboard envelope through ordinary untracked mail using the Netherland's postal services (PostNL). The rule book and fix sheet are shipped from a different address than our games, so it is not possible to combine these with any existing or new order for our games.

The updated rules are also available digitally to download for free from BoardGameGeek:

If for whatever reason you are unable to download the rules from BoardGameGeek, feel free to contact us and we'll send you the digital file by email.