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Food Chain Magnate tile replacement

There was a slight misprint in the first 2 print runs of Food Chain Magnate. The marketing tokens 1, 9 and 10 were missing an infinity symbol on the backside. This has been corrected on these tokens.

In addition, we provide two new "Busy" tokens for the 6 and 9 marketeer which have little dots on them so as to distinguish them better.

The replacement set will be sent for free, only shipping costs will be charged. You only need this if you have a FCM 1st or 2nd print run (featuring Orange Juice on the box rather than Lemonade).
Roads & Boats replacement sheet with coins

In some Roads & Boats games, the coin factory counters had a very dark colour. We printed a new set of coin producers (mints).
Food Chain Magnate improved rules, player aids and tileset
€4.99 Inc VAT

For the 3rd and later printings of Food Chain Magnate, we made a number of improvements based on feedback by players and reviewers:

- We put the Milestone information on the back of the English player menus
- We made a number of clarifications to the rules (but no rule changes)
- We added dots to the 9 and 6 marketeer busy tiles.

In addition, we corrected misprints:
- The 6 on the Executive Vice President in the player menu has become a 10
- Three of the marketing tools that were missing infinity symbols on the back no have them.

This upgrade set is intended for people who have the 1st or 2nd edition of Food Chain Magnate and want to have the new materials.
We are charging a nominal fee plus shipping costs. If there is a lot of demand, we may have to postpone shipping until the 4th print run arrives.

If you order this, you do not need to order the additional tileset, it is included.
Antiquity Upgrade Kit for previous print owners
€18.15 Inc VAT

This set is intended for those who own a previous (before 2017) version of Antiquity and want to have the new components without buying a whole new set. You do NOT need it if you buy Antiquity in 2017, these components will already be included!

The kit contains contains:
- Wooden houses for inns (replace cardboard inns)
- Wooden meeples for worders (replace the cubes)
- Wooden player markers (replace the current cubes-- relevant to match player colours to the other wooden components)
- Plastic translucent chips as pollution markers (replace cardboard pullution chits)

Note that the upgrade kit does not contain the new, smaller box or the (slight) changes to the cardboard. Because we are using black translucent markers for pollution, we are changing the black player colour; this means the colour of the cities on the board will not correspond to that of the wooden pieces if you buy the upgrade kit (we don't think this will be a big deal in practice, or you can put an inn counter on the city).

It is not possible to buy an empty box separately, and in any case, it would not make sense as the old player aids won't fit into the new box (they are marginally too big).

The upgrade kits will be available around Essen 2017, this is a pre-order only.