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Cannes: Stars, Scripts and Screens
Cannes: Stars, Scripts and Screens

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Cannes was published in 2003. During playtest, the game was called Kleinverlag, or "micro-publisher", and was themed around small companies creating boardgames. However, we felt that this theme would not be of interest to the public at large, so we rethemed the game to be about making movies.

When we made it, I (Joris) thought it was our nicest game to date. It turned out that this game was a little too simple for most of our fans and much too complicated for everyone else. Due to time constraints, the box design did not work out as we had hoped, so that the game sold well only to people who knew it. We sold a solid 1300 copies, but we had made a very large print run and when we moved our stocks in 2007-2008 we sold off the rest at bargain prices. Now, we have only a few copies left so if you cannot find them elsewhere, feel free to order one here at collector's prices. By the way, there's also a mini expansion which we gave away at Essen in 2004. But we don't have any of those left.

Here's the original promotion text:

It's the big screen, and you're playing in the big league. Well, nearly. Maybe this year you'll make it big… Nominations are due to be published any day now, and hey, who knows, maybe you will finally get that Oscar or Palme d'Or you so deserve. Or will you? They say girlie movies like you've been making lately are going out of fashion, that the modern public has a yearning for plotless action titles. Maybe it is time to invite that rotten art critic over for drinks, and convince her of the value of your masterpieces… or tune into the old boys network and really get the show on the road.

 In Cannes - Stars, Scripts and Screens, each player takes the role of a small-time movie producer, trying to produce as many movies as possible. The game can be played by 2 to 4 people and takes 45 to 90 minutes, depending on the number of players and their gaming experience.

The game contains 43 tiles which make the game board, a number of markers representing beer, people, films etc., for each player a week schedule and five wooden rods, and several other parts. The rules are in English, Dutch and German.

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