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This game was published in 1999. All the pictures were developed and printed by hand. We like to think it resembles Dixit, the 2010 Spiel des Jahres but it had a slighly smaller print run :-). We recently found a copy during our warehouse cleaning. It was sold within 30 minutes...

Here's the original text:
Grandmother has a big shoebox full of old pictures, neatly sorted into little piles - and now her stupid son-in-law has managed to drop the box when he took it from that shelf in the attic. Now all the pictures are mixed up. It is your messy job to find out which pictures belong together and which do not. But of course, the entire family will have to agree, and that is the tricky part. Just try and find an arrangement that even your brother will understand...

Kiek is a game of intuition and categories suitable for a group of three to eight players. It can be played for ten minutes or two hours, whatever you prefer, but be warned: the game keeps evolving, and it gets harder and harder to score points.

The trial edition contained 30 photos and rules in three languages (Dutch, German, English). This edition has been sold out.

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