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Chameleo Chameleo
Chameleo Chameleo

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This game was published and sold out in 1998. It was completely made by hand in the common room of Joris' student house in a print run of about 20. We recently found one last copy. After we had put it on the website, it was sold within 30 minutes...

Poor old chameleon! It accidentally swallowed a very colourful fruitfly and is now dangerously ill. It has the rainbowvirus; instead of being able to change colour when it chooses to do so, every move it makes causes his colour to change. It cannot hide anymore in the fashion of healthy chameleons by cleverly changing its colour to match his surroundings. Our chameleon must jump to a flower of the colour it is changing into. With a bit of luck and planning, however, our chameleon should be able to get to the chameleon doctor and back home safely to get better. You can help it by planting flowers of the right colour in its path to make it safer. Or more dangerous for others...

Chameleo Chameleo is a strategic game which makes the players puzzle intensively over colourful patterns and complex shapes for about one and a half hours. It is played on a cloth painted with coloured triangles. For each player a colour wheel determines in which order he may go to fields of different colours. By laying coloured tiles on the cloth, and sometimes by changing a colour in the colour wheel, players try to match the playing area with their colour wheels. At the same time they try to put their tiles so as to make sure that the other players get the wrong colour in the wrong place, so that they must go a long way round.

The trial edition contains a playing cloth, 6 colour wheels, 60 cardboard colour tokens, 90 cardboard triangular tiles, 12 paperclip-tokens and rules in three languages (Dutch, German, English). All trial copies available for sale, have been sold.

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